Recall #14350/jh

Lionel A. Frederick

79 Puma Dr.

Toronto, On

  • General Motors of Canada Ltd,
  • 1908 Colonel Sam Dr.
  • Oshawa. On L1N 8P7

Dear Sir,


1G1NE52J5Y6188459 14 0022613

Dear Sir,

I regret having to respond to your letter of  Recall #14350/jh in this manner.

Sir, My car was totaled as a result of two accidents resulted from defects recognized by your Company that inspired the recall #14350/jh. I received this Recall information on November 11/2014

There were two occasions. The first one was in October 10/ 14 at the junction of Sandalwood pkwy and Kennedy Rd. in Brampton where the breaks and steering failed. My car was taken for repairs where the total breaks system and Rear Bumper were replaced.

This repair was completed in December 17/14 and on my way home early in the morning on the 18/12/14 again, the identical incident occurred again that totaled my car at 11667 Yong Street in  Richmond Hill Ontario.

I paid $650. for my car as is and $700.00 to upgrade, inspect for Roadworthy and registration, totaling $1350.00

The accident at Sandalwood Pkwy repairs, complete breaks work and replacing Rear bumper cost $845.00 totaling $2,195.00

The incident at 11667 Yong Street in Richmond Hill toeing $820.00 and Police Courts fine $610.00

I really love and enjoy the performance of my car so it was my intention to have a complete paint job done to bring my car up to the standard of a new car but this very unfortunate accident situation prevented it from becoming a reality. Both airbags were deployed. The car was totaled.

Grand Total $ 3,625.00

The details are accompanied it this file submitted to you for your considerations. I really loved the performance of my car


Lionel A. Frederick

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The Emblem of Success.

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Success Information Centre

We were all born to be successful however, most of us were deceived and follow leaders th inat were fools and we all got lost by the way. We all became Failures.

Now, here is your Emblem of Success.. How much will you pay for the Title to your Property?

It can be viewed on my Facebook page. Follow the instruction and order your own.

Order it before St. Patrick’s day of celebration and claim your Heritage.

It is free. You pay only Shipping and Processing.

Our God of Creation is so Merciful that He has choose a man. Empowers. appoines and Commissioned him to be His Representative for this Generation.

Although our Lord Jesus has warned us to be very careful about who we listen to. ( Matthew 24 ) We allow the deceivers that He warned us about to be our leaders.

Those deceiving  robbers to rob us of our heritage but Our God understands.

God  has provider us with this Emblem of Success that we will have another chance of ownership now to possess our new ownership: Exodus 23; 20-33 at last.

Use it  Wisely. This is  Your Ownership Badge of Success.

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Conspiracy Of A Friend

It was the greatest surprise and disappointment I ever will have. Who can perceived that a Supervisor of Police will scheme his way to become acquainted and make friend with me for the exclusive reason to have me, an innocent man killed.

It can be consideded that originally it was to have the opportunity to recover certain documents that I have in my possession that I owned legally and legitimately, that will be the proof of part ownership of certain properties in a court of law.

The Supervisor of Police panicked as my resourcefullnes proved to be the quality of person beyond that of his ability to manage. His thaught plaged him that the promise he made yo his friends could not be honoured by him so he resort to plan “B” which has also failed. He then began to think of the TV police investigation drama in desperation.

He had not the ability to think that this is real life and I am better qualified in his field than he is. This is not something that can be easily be revealed. He will never know that he is attempting in play in leagues beyond his capability. Now this ammiture succumed to his emotions, his pride takes hold of his ego so he advance to the plan “C” the staging of camera in the roof of my apartment. This also failed for I exposed it and told Lynne Knox who pretended she was not aware of such prosedure but recommended that I speak with Jane Rube which I did. An appointment was made and Jane visited my apartment accompanied by the maintenance engineer “Chaod Booth”. That resulted in the confirmation of their dishonesty and hypocaesy, the tennant in the apartment above mine #204. C

Things are not going well at all for the supervisor, everything is failing, how could thisguy be so good, he is responding as this out-of-my-league professional. `No noa can be that good, there must be something in his closet, tet’s dig it up, I must find something, I will start with his woman, then his X-wife and who knows, his children may like talking with us.

Well, the information he collected only served to heap coals of fire on him. |I will never be able to understand how he can trust anyone that reported on me. What is he really thinking, most certainly not as a trained police., It may even bd justified to examine the circumstances of his acceptance as a police officer.

Seriously, he should not be allowed to carry a gun, he needs to be trained, the badge he carries and his uniform is a symbol of disgrace to the Souverignty of CANADA. He is not even sober enough to realise his all efforts against me has failed so now decides on the ultimate of prosedures by his standard now is by any means necessary, dead or alive, preferably death, I must bring him down. I will intercepts “Block” his telephone, his Email “blocked”, his serface mail, his groceries, his associates, all his eating outs and his clothings. I must bring him down. That is how he thinks but is frogetting the most important, recant, he never knew whatis important, whatever works for his, that is what he knows, He is resource bankrupted and is currently at a disadvantage when it comes to the initiations of his own momentum. A victim of cognative dificiency. 

Now that I am convincd of these numerous conflicting problems, I have decided to leave Guelph so I travelled to Brampton in search of accommodation there. I found a temperory  place and surrender my lease cancellation on 1st. October 2007 an gave three months notice, ending my lease on 31 st. December 2007. This was too hot for him to handle, the heat drove him temperorily demented. Chronic desperation motivated him to formulated a plan to accomplish his objective, he concluded that the walls of my apartment were the place of the deposit of the document so the walls most be removed.

My apartment walls were totally degutted, kitchen sink, cupboards, stove, refridgerator and everything removed and placed in the living room. Unfortunayely, nothing was found and damage estimated well over Half A Million Dollars was done. he did not know that I had contents Insurance. This proved toomuch for him, how is it “he said” every move I make he is ahead of me. My resourceness of a well discipline man defeated him on every occasion.

As I have earlier stated, I am more qualified in his field than he is. This time, the insurance is definitely a major problem. He has other prominent cityzen to protect who he got involved, Lynne Knox, thge Representative of Wellington Guelph Social Housing, so they decided to lie, both of them and state that I had abandoned the apartment.

This is the grossest of all. My rent was paid to December 31 st, 2007 the destruction of my property was done in October 2007 as a retellitory response to my  letter of cancellation of my lease to my apartment #104 at 232 Delhi Street in Guelph. I had already escaped death four times from their attempts so I had to leave Guelph. Click Lionel Speaks for more.

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Be Warned.

This is a reminder for The Personal Insurance that May 31- 2014 is the deadline for the payment of $526.296.00, the claim for damages done to Apartment 104 at 232 Delhi Street in Guelph In October 2007 that has been delayed consequent of the Lying Deception of Lynne Knox and the Supervisor of Police. Insurance premium and rent were paid. The end of May, 2014 will then be five Months short of seven years at which time the self-disrupt time clock will begin ticking if payment is not received. This is for information purpose only that even those who enjoy the legal in fragment of this action shall be considered guilty.
Govern Yourself Accordingly.

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The Rebirth

The Star of Lionel shines. Yes. The Star of Lionel is an information system of Lionel A. Frederick that exposes all that has been done in secret but which has been revealed to him. The Light of the Star of Lionel also reveals that which has been shown to the world but kept hidden by Religion, and those Religious Self-Righteous Theologians who have been specifically selected and trained by ( Genesis 3; 4 – 7) Demons to deceive and enslave all men religiously and keep them in religious and demonic bandages. Man born in the Adam race has been destine for destruction. This is recorded in the Book of the Bible in the Genesis record of Creation.

The Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has changed all that Authentic ‘ Colossians 2; 11 – 19″  Hand Writing. Jesus was The Very God in the human flesh. The Human Death Burial and Resurrection of Jesus that has been recorded in the record of The Gospel of Jesus ( Matthew 1; 18 – 23. chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6) declares that it has been abolished. This is the record of this change.

However, the enemy who, through this change, has lost his presumptuous inheritance through covetousness has chosen men to a mission to rob all men of theirs Heavenly Rewards, the enemy has trained most Theologians and Preachers to deceive men by their religious Sin-Management Philosophy Doctrines, the Doctrines ( Colossians 2; 20 – 23) of Demons and Men.

Jesus knew of that. Jesus knows all things even before man thinks of it ( Jeremiah 1; 3. Proverbs 8; 12 – 30), so He has warned us (Matthew 24; 4 -14 ) of those hypocrites through His Gospel, nevertheless the Enemy has so influenced men that even the Preachers are deceived through the Vanity of the glory of social enlightening and most men (Non Gender) female included are betraying one another in the favor of the these religious self-righteous preachers.

The message that Jesus delivered to man is (John 14 and 15; 12-17. 17; 6 – 16) that All men, the entire world has been redeemed back to God (2 Corinthians 5; 19) It revealed that all men, the generation that comes through Adam, the first man, only had to be born to be a sinner through Adam’s nature, whether man believes it or not. Similarly so, as by one man, the man Christ Jesus, the second Adam, whether man believes it or not ( John 3; 3 – 7 ) has become the child of God ( 1 John 3; 6 – 10) Jesus has made it very clear, He said; (All that the Father has He has given it to Me and I will loose none for everything is in my hand and My Hand is in My Father’s hand and my father’s Hand is Greater then Mine and no one is able to take them out of my Father’s hand.

Now, tell me, How can backsliding be possible.

Today’s preachers teach that man can bind Spirits. Jesus never binds any Spirits, not even the Demons. Jesus granted the demons their wishes but not to hurt anyone. No demons can hurt the Children of God. Demons are to be subjected to the Children of God ( Luke 10; 1 – 20. All that is required from man today is a genuine relationship with God and man and when this is done, slavery of all kinds will be abolished ( Deuteronomy 28; 1 – 15) and success in whatever one does will be accomplished ( Psalm 1; 1 – 3. John 14; 12 – 14).

The God of Abraham is to day the same God we serve. Just as He was with Dorcas. Cornelius ( Acts 9; 36- 10; 1 – 48 ) and Peter, is the way He will be with us today, if we really have a relationship with Him as I do. You will also know that no one can kill God. He is Life. He is self-existing.

God really needs nothing. He is everything, whatever man thinks of, God IS. God is Love. He makes man in His Own Image and desires to help man become as He IS. No one has any place to store LIFE. God is and always will be. He is the Genetic Engineering Designer. He is The Master of Disasters. His Profession is The Creator. He creates whatever He chooses. It is Him; The Almighty God who protects me and Laughs at the enemy to the point that the enemy is afraid of me. Hallelujah. He tells me and shows me the enemy’s traps by His Commander-In-Chief who is my Guardian Angel, (Exodus 23; 20 – 33.  Isaiah 54; 11 – 17.

All that is needed is not Religion but a Relationship with God and man. The Preachers states that God only speaks to us through the Bible. If that is so, why do them all seek to publish their own versions? Is the one they have not good enough? They are the serpent, ( Lucifer. The first False Preacher) who twisted the truth of God and makes the truth of God appearing to be a lie to deceive Eve (Genesis 3;  4 – 7) from where the curse of sin with the penalty of death originated.

Jesus is Life and brings life and revealed it to us that we all have been forgiven even before we were born. The man in his sinful nature, the flesh cannot understand this. It is a part of the Mystery of The Righteousness of God, in Christ Jesus. Man’s choice is to receive the Spirit of God. In return, we must forgive others, no matter what. when this is done and there is forgiveness, there will be no causes for wars. All religions that says that they love God, that they are Christians and hates other people for the purpose of wars are all liars.

Forgiveness is very important. It demonstrates the fruit of Love, ( Matthew 6; 15- 16. Romans 13; 10. 1 Corinthians 13; 1 – 13) These false preachers today are Religiously Justifies (Luke 16; 9-11. 14, 15 ) and the Modern Day Goliath, just after your money.  You must experience the New Birth to have that relationship with God. When this is done, sickness. Disease and poverty will be reduced. Where there is no Love, the cries of the people who suffer for the lack of Love and the pain and oppression, they receive Bombs instead, Guns and the military occupations. All the people desires are for the love that has been denied.

Remember, all men are born equal and free. The Authorities are deemed responsible to manage that freedom and equality, not to enslave but to liberate and ensure that liberty Reigns Supreme. This is what Justice is supposed to do and guarantees that Law Enforcement maintains that standard of the Integrity of the Law. Feed the people. Heal the people but not with medicine that does more harm. Give equal protection and opportunity for every one to pursue their purpose, ( The Canadian Charter of Rights and Privileges). I am Lionel A. Frederick. Email; the Pastor. Behold; I have told you. You have been encouraged and warned.

For The Love of The Woman.

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The Star Of Lionel

The most questions I have had since I began blogging happens to be; What really is The Star Of Lionel? The answer has always been and will continue to be this! The Star Of Lionel is an Information system. There will be information on Human Total Success. On how to Reduce Crimes. On The Success In Family Life and The Elimination Of Illnesses. and Healing without Prescription Medicine.

This Information system has become the envy of most Professionals who are guilty of Intellectual Arrogance. Religious Self-Righteousness and Academic hypocrisy. It is my belief, that as a result of the proper functioning of the Light of The Star Of Lionel when it encounters wickedness done in the dark (Secret places” these wickedness are exposed. One such wickedness is the recent conspiracy that led the Police to destroy my home in Guelph and Advice my Household Insurance “The Personal Insurance Co not to pay my Claim of $526.296.00 for the damage they maliciously did to my apartment in October 2007. The persons responsible for the damage are as follows; Ms. Lynne Knox, the Chief Property Service Officer of Wellington Guelph Social Housing from whom I rented the apartment.

There is also a Supervisor of Police from the Guelph Police dept.  who planned the whole operation and plotted very cunningly his way to become acquainted with me and visited my apartment at 104/232 Delhi Street in Guelph on many occasions. This officer became very assured of himself that he began making conversation with the intent to influence me in incriminating myself by making remarks in resonce to his conversation that he can use in the interim as uttering threats.

I recognize the trap and changed the conversation topic. This was very unsuccessful, he continued to attempt to entraped me. I actually changed the conversation topic again to one that he was not supposed to be versed in but this time he was actually finishing my sentences. WoW I said to myself, this exposed him and that was all I needed.

Now I recognized him as a fraud, an impersonation and sought confirmation on him. The replies I received that very day exposed him, so I closed off those visits. My actions scared him. All these police issues began in 2002 and continuing even to date at International level. In 2004, the police contacted Citizenship & Immigration Canada and requested that my Canadian Immigration Status be cancelled. Citizenship & Immigration Canada requested that sufficient documented proof must be received to substantiate such a request within certain time. This never was received by Citizenship & immigration Canada so the police request was denied.

Guess what? From that time, all communication to and from me were forwarded to alternative addresses, included letters from Citizenship & Immigration Canada addressed to me. For four years this continued until very luckily I telephoned Citizenship & Immigration Canada to enquirer as to the status of my application and was informed of the police strategy to cancel my Immigration status.

The police then decided to have me killed, and have me followed anywhere I went and after all their attempts had failed, I received my Citizenship in 2009 that should have received in 20005 and decided to visit relatives in Trinidad & Tobago that year. You know what? Even then, I had tremendous problem acquiring a ticket to fly from Canada, and then I was monitored in Trinidad. I went To Barbados in 2011 and St. Vincent & The Grenadines. In St. Vincent & The Grenadines, I visited a Businessman and offer and discussed a business opportunity with him. He loved it and decided to have a meeting with his lawyer, accountant and manager to finalize details.

After a few days had passed and I did not received a call, I visited the Businessman office to make enquirers and was told by a member of his staff that the businessman received a telephone call from a man as I left the office that day, the person who called Identified himself as The police from Canada. This was in 2012. This caller who claimed to be the police calling from Canada, offered threats to him that if he continues to cooperate with Lionel Frederick, his business Licence will be pulled by International police for failing to comply with International police on matters of international Safety.

You know what? The businessman doped me just on that supposed police threats, for he relied very heavily on the business licence. This is the misuse of authority if it is indeed the police who is using scary tactic to blackmail. I am not a criminal. I do not associate myself with known criminals nor do I ever hurt anyone. All these police activities are the result of the police prejudice and victimization and are  very determine to prevent me from enjoying the privilege that the Canadian Charter of Human Wrights and Justice Guarantees to every Canadian.

Many attempts have been made even on Internationale level. In April 2013, two attempts have been made but one have failed and the other partially failed. One in Toronto on April 10 at the Junction of Finch and Mc Cowan South Finch Bus Stop. My ankle was damaged while attempting to exit the Mc Cowan north bound bus. This damage was unknowingly at the time extended to my Knee, Hip and spine and because I was already scheduled to fly from Canada in days, these damages were corrected by a chiropractor in St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

The other attempt was in St. Vincent & The Grenadines in April 21 in the  area between the back of the post office and The St. Vincent Boys Crammer School, where I was supposed to be shot by someone pretending to be selling me a vehicle. The person, who claimed to be a Vincentian that lives at Villa and brings his son to the Grammar School every day did not know where the prep School is and could not find it.

All persons are hereby encouraged to make sure that you have a personal relationship with The Almighty God. I do have one. My God is He who protected me from all evil. He is the Light I see. He is Love. He is Life and everyone can the Light of Love and Life as I do “2 Chronicles 20; 20. 1 John 1; 5, 7 – 10.”

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The Preacher

A message to the world. It is my belief that the year 2012 is a season of time worthy of everyone’s attention. It isn’t fully known by me what will be the result. What I do know is this, early in 1987, one Saturday night, I had a dream and in that dream, I receiced an insigna on my left leg. It was a number twenty-five (25) in red figures. A picture of this can be seen on and at

I received a message from a Voice that I am every accustomed with. I was also given a book opened and as I took the book and looked at it, I realized that the book was the Holy Bible. It was opened at the Book of The Prophet Ezekiel and I saw Chapters 2 and 3 and as I continued to look at these two chapters, The Voice began to speak to me and as I listened to the Voice, I realized that the words spoken to me were highlighted and began to elevate themselves from their pages.

These were the words spoken to me (Son of man, stand up and I will speak with you (Chapter 2; 1- 8, as He spoke, the pages turned and I saw also Chapter 13; 2 – 8, Ch. 33; 7 – 9. Ch. 34. Ch. 36 and Ch. 37.. What frightened me most was Chapter 3; 9 – 19 where the words spoken to me were all illuminating and elevating from their pages and als my penalty and my rewards associated to the mission. Twice these penalties and rewards for my faithfulness were repeated to my twice. I must do my duty faithfully or face the consequences.

My curiosity maximized when I added 1987, the year in which I was appointed to the 25 years that was given to me for that purpose and found the result to be 2012. It is my belief that the year 2012 represents the year 2012. The message is for the Lord’s shephards for they have all gone away from the doctrine of Salvation by Grace, the Charter of the Lord, to the Sin-Management Philosophy, the doctrine of men and Demons. Behold, I have told you., I am Lionel A. Frederick.

The kingdom of Evil has corrupted the whole world again like that just before the Flood of Noah. But not me. I represent The Kingdom Of Righteousness. I have the power. I have the will. I must complete by destiny. No man can outdo me. No man can conquer me. I will not give the power or authority to anyman to make decissions for me that will affect my life. God alone can outdo me. God alone can conquer me.

Love is not known any more. Forgiveness is not practice as a duty. The innocent is imprisoned. The sick is not healed and wars replacing peace. There is corruption even among Law Enforcement. if one visit and look at Lionel Speaks or Lecilop, “if they can be found for they are doing everything possible to keep this information away from the general public”, they will reveal by photo how the Police in Guelph and Lynne Knox, the Chief Service Officer of Wellington Guelph Social Housing were used to destroy me, an innocent Canadian Senior Citizen home at #232-104 Delhi Street in Guelph.

They both then lied to Personal Insurance, my Household Contents Insurance, that I had abandoned the apartment. I slept at the apartment the night previously and my rent was paid. Please send me your financial gifts to this Email address account at PayPal. You will receive a Blessing. My Email address at

when any one Review my adventure in Canada with the Police from Guelph, Ontario, CANADA, one may understand why the Police choose to maliciously vandalize my home without a just cause. They were attempting eagerly to confiscate my other personal property (Some Legal Document in another matter) and defraud me of my Claim for damages done to my apartment #104 at 232 Delhi Street in Guelph. Everything was destroyed. My clothing was drenched with chemical Bacteria and packed very neatly on my bed and covered with plastic. The value of my property was exceeding well over ($500.000.00) my entire life’s savings.

You see, the police watch too much TV Drama, they are not qualify to deal with current social issues. Take a look at their unprofessional conduct, it’s unheard of.

No one should fail to trust in Jesus. He never fails like the Personal Insurance. It is very clear that, even though the Personal Insurance Policy was paid and very current, it failed though to honor my claim that was legitimate.

Wellington Guelph Social Housing Lease agreement failed to honor it’s lease agreement. I have  also lost the previllage and comfort of my home for three months which I was legally entitled.

Every Religion instills fear In the heart and mind of their followers. They also preach a demonic Doctrine of a sin-management philosophy that is contrary to the gospel of Jesus which proves that they are not the messengers of Jesus Christ but are of the synagogue of Satan.

Lynne Knox Failed to honor the trust placed by her duties but very proudly and without shame proved her gross dishonesty and without an integrity to the world. She very proudly gloried in that (Guelph Police Chris Panico Incident Report #07-33340) was ignored by The Personal Insurance co.

How could Lynne Knox and The Supervisor of Police gloried by lying without any shame to the representative of my Household Contents Insurance, the Personal Insurance. My  Policy #H2193683 which was very current and paid.

The Supervisor of Police and Lynne Knox did influencially encouraged them not to honor my claim #P1939432. This wad great wickedness. Yes, my claim was not accepted by the Personal. I never imagined the police to be so wicked and be so very evil. The following clips will show some of the damages that was done by the Supervisor of Police and Lynne Knox.

Evil is everywhere. The Gospel of Jesus, this I declear can be trusted. It has never failed my. The blood of Jesus is enough. It is better than any medical prescription. It has no side effects. It is the only addiction that makes everyone Healthy. Well. Happy. No regrets but Successful. Try Psalm 1; 1 – 4 today, St. John 14; 9 – 14.

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The Power of The Law of Attraction

When this page is opened, you will find all that is really needed to be successful. Here is the “Eleven missing laws of success revealed to all who soever will.

The Power of The Law of Attraction

We are constantly questioning the truth, nevertheless there are very seldom any questioning of the acts of evil, unkindness and cruelty by those whose responsibility and duties are to prevent the same from occurring. Even our Education system cannot give us the reason why we continue with our defective system of numerical calculation and calender, I guess that there has not yet been anyone intelligent enough seeing all the great minds were killed in abortions.

Similarly, the knowledge of success is kept hidden from the general public to guarantee the existence of slavery and foreclosure of family homes instead of establishing of moratorium for family homes loans for the protection of the family but keep the financial institution as the modern Goliath. The 11 Forgotten Laws will provide the reminder one needs..

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I am so very confident that it will sometimes appear as though Iam attem ting to exalt myself. Far from that. My assurance of renewed success in whatever I may attempt is the result of the reminder I received from in my Group “The Power Of Positive Thinking & The Law of Attraction”.

Now every effort will be made to Guarantee The Success of Every Group Member. There will be somuch information made available that there will be need to second guess. Everyone Creates A Personal Success Reality for as one thinks so is will become. We create “Attract”  whatever we think of constantly in our lives. See Your goal in your mind. Visualize your success as if you already have it.

Think Success and you will be successful. Be Creative “:John 14; 12 – 14. Proverbs 8; 19;- 30”. Be kind and forgive each other. No Matter What. Success Is In That. 

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