I See The Light

Who is the enemy. Who is really our enemy. Everywhere there is war that kills somany, even the innocent. Why. With all the fighting and killing and sanctions to force the shutting down of Countries and Governments into the positions of of bankruptsy, the enemy is always there. Seing that the enemy cannot be gotten rid of;  Who is the enemy. I know for a fact that the enemy cannot be defeated or even stopped with man’s military manoevures, because our ememy is not a physical person.

It is foolishness to be divesting all the precious resources of the life of honourable citizens in missione that really do not profit. There is absolutely no benefit in the killing of people to find peace. It has never worked yet we called them Heroes. It will never work but the killing will forever continues until peace is sought by all men everywhere and found in Jesus, not the relationship to religion but a relationship with Jesus.

I think it is a very poor lack of useful knowledge and good judgement” Micah 6;6 – 9,  Hosea 4; 6″  in the various Governments that think that they can defeat the enemy with the weapons of war. Think of this, are the various Governments of the world inteligent, sane and sober. I think not. I have very good reason to suggest that the entire world is in the hands of men that ( James 4; 1, 2.) cannot think soberly. If they did, they would know that Jesus is the answer. Love no matter what is the answer and forgiveness, not justice by man’s law will bring peace and great blessings. Man’s Law and man’s justice is conditioned by prejudices.

Everywhere you see the members of the war committee running arround like chicken without a head. No ability to reason effectively. No ability to be compassionate. No power of forgiveness. No power to love. No knowledge of the virture of Mercy, most are without tollerance and have lost their humanity this is revealed in to amount of false imprisonment.

Whenever a people finds that the pressure of psycological Slavery is becoming unbearable, they always crie out for the love that is denied them. For this help request, mercy and food and the opportunity to pursue their dreams, the Governments sends in the army.

It is well time up that the Competent Authority awakes and become a bit sober. The Almighty God said that He created Evil for His purpose. Lucifer loved it, covitted it somuch that he stole it for His own purpose. How come man thinks he can distroy Evil with guns, bombs, and chemical weapons and starvation. The fight is not with man, it is with principalities, powers, The rulers of darkness, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The wisdom of man decided that intellectul foolishness is an attribute worthy to aspite towards its accomplishment, Think of it, what really does wars do. What is really accomplished. The attempt at winning a war is a waste of time. My God, Jehovah told me that all who will flirt with evil shall loose its life. This is true, nevertheless the Governments of the world said that God never knows enough to determine that,  so all the Governments agreed to enter into a contract with The Kingdom Of Evil and establishes their economy upon the death machinery manufactering Industry and boast that they have a very healthy economy.

Can you see the tremendous influx of the evil empire everywhere. Look at the prison population. Look at the single parent families. Look at the patients in the hospitals. Look at the untimely deaths. Look at the disadvantage youths. Look at the Religious Confusing Sin-Management hate philosophy. Will you hug and embrace someone who dressed as a uniform of the bandit with a concealed dagger? If you have a healthy and happy family and there are two adult brothers that are always fighting because they cannot agree in their own homes, will you invite them to come and live together with you in your home?

Hip Hip Hip Hip hu ra-a-a-a-a-ah. The Dollar is going up  and prices are going down. Gas and Oil and Technology is becoming too expensive to purchase, we must find a way to do better with wind and water. Thank God that everyone was born with a mother, she only knows how to make food from her breast.

Everyone in blessed with a mother, whether the child was born as a legitimate, illegitimate or the result of a rape. Life is a precious conscious experience. God breathe that life as the most precious gift to all. Wo to all who purposeed to destroy it with wars, abortion or any source of ilimination. He who sheads men’s blood shall by man’s hands blood be shead. Killing is like a bomerange. Behold I Have told you. What goes arround will come arround. Behold I Have told You.

Life is The Gift of Love from the Father of Life and Love. It comes from Jehovah above It comes to all with great blessings. The trials of time are the tests of Life to man to prove and to seperate those who are loving and forgiving to be his hands ears and mouth in this temporally wicked They will be given the Spirit of God (1 John 3; 2 – 10) world.

The blessings are great rewards in life for all who pass the tests. Good health, great family life and successful in every undertaking. For all who fail the tests, there will be great regrets, failures. disappointments, disease, poor health, disappointment in family life and the sanctuary of missery is where they will be living.

When one is born there are great promise of the fulure but as you grow you will realise that the one person who is not supposed to let you down probably will, you will hurt many people, break many hearts and when it is done to you then you will realise how it feels from experience.

My life became a fully functioning, fully developped, mature, well discipline in many areas, mature, responsible and allert. I was taught how to Love, honour, respect and to be interested in the lives of all others who must shear in my environment. I have experience many Miracles in my life that began when I was a child. Some were the answers to prayer in desperarion. They were the result of my mother introducing me to The Almighty God at about nine years old.

Over the years, a beautiful relationship was established and ai enjoyed great fellowship ith my heavenly Father, the Almighty God, Jehovah El Shaddai. He revealed many things to me, amoung them, He revealed the reality of the beggining to me. I received an idea in a  vision and have created some souvenirs for distribution free of cost to all who will send a gift in a postpaid return envelope to me, or when you receive the souvenir of your choice and you are fond of it, you may express your appreciation then by sending mt your gift. Remember, the souvenir is a free gift from The Almighty God, Jehovah El Shaddai through me to you.

This beautiful design was delivered to me in my dream to be produced and bistrubuted to the children of Israel, those redeemed by the precious Blood of the Crucified Lord. The Almighty God had to come to earth and shead a now blood to replace the original one that Adam received for it became week. The design is a reminder, a symbol of a relationship, the proof of possession or Ownership. Every souvenir sent out will be accompanied by a certificate of Authenticity. It is the dawn of a significant era. 

You will hear the following; How my mother introduced God to me, the way she explained the essence of prayer and the effectiveness. The effects these experiences have had on my life. You will hear of the first time I believe I saw an ANGEL. my first immediate answer I receined to my prayer. You will hear of the first miracle I experienced in my life, the immediate answer to another prayer in desperations. You will hear of the second miraculous answer to another prayer. You will also hear of the warning I received for my protection at my workplace in a dream for the very next day. I disobeyed the warning and found myself in great difficulties at the threat of imprisonment.

You will also hear of another prayer in desperatipn that was answered the very same night and was told exactly of the future of that situation. The future unfolded and came to pass in the exact manner in which it was given to me in the dream, and many more. I have only mentioned a few so you can almost know what to expect. These are some of my real life experiences. You will also hear that I actually died once and when I regain my life after a very strange woman touched me on my forehead and said; Gooidbye my child. My mother changed my name immediately. Here is an opportunity for you to extend an invitation to me to visit your congregation and deliver this testimony in person. I can assure you that it will present great challenges and be a great blessing to all.

The story of my life became so very eventful and I believe it had to do with the decision wherein most of my Sundays teaching about sacred things made me becoming God Conscious. This was as a result of my mother who took me to Sunday School and on one Sunday when we returned from Sunday School she said to me.

Son, you see that I am taking you these few Sunday to Sunday School, well the Sunday that you are not in Sunday School and you are not with me, don`t come into this house, do you understant what I have. I replied and said, yes mom. At Sunday school, I heard a lot about God but I did not get the information that tells me who God is.

One day I asked my mother but she chased me away thinking that  it was a joke. Another time I was sent to the shop as always, there at the shop where everything is being sold, even rum, the men were always talking and mostly complaining about the Government, so I askee my mother about the Government. Again I ask my mother but she did not gave me an answer. This time I was very angry so I turn and stamped my feet and shook up my shoulder, at this my mother was upset and called to me.

I knew then that the call was for punishment so I began to cry and complain that each time I ask her a question, she never answer me. I will have to ask the men aat the rum shop. At that my mother sais OK, I will tell you all when you come back from the shop.

My mother then sent me to the shop and when I return she said to me, you go and full up that basin on the bench to half with water for your bath later and come to me in the kitchen. This I did then and then joined her in the kitchen. She kept me there with her where she was cooking. Dinner was done and everyone ate, we did the dishes together then my mother started to talk with me about my questions.

On that day my mother asked me why I wanted to know about the government. She listened to my explanation then said, the Government is not a man, it is a group of selected men elected to an office for an authority to be in control of the society. They make laws to govern and regulate the activities of the people so that every one will get an equat opportunity to persue whatever their choice of profession thy require to be their source of living.

The Governments also have Souldiers, lots of them to protect the country from invaders, but not as much as Godès Angels. Oh, God has multitudes of Angels. the same as how the soulders protect the country, so the Angels protect the Kingdom of God and the people of God.

The souldiers have many ranks, which meant that some are in higher authority and are responslble for different functions. The head of the soulders is called the Commander-In-Chief, there will be deputies and assistant deputies. Then Generals, Then Leutenants, Corporals, Sargeants and other positions. The Government has the police also to prevent crimes and protect the people from one another. The police also has different positions or functions and ranks.

Similarly she said, God is not a man, He is a Spirit, a Great Spirit, an Awesome God, The Father of all Spirits. All Spirits are called Angels and have their indevidual names. They too like the Soulders and the Police have ditterent ranks and functions. One day, a very long time ago, one of the Spirits, of very high rank whose name was Lucifer became jealous of God because of the Honour, Glory and worship God received from all the angels. Lucifer was proud of hie position of Authority and wanted to be worshipped like God.

This Spirit became very jealous and his jealousy became so great that he began to hate God and encouraged some of the othere spirit who were under his authority to join with him in a game. Lucifer tricked them and at the game Lucifer inform the spirits that were on his side that they must fight to the death. Lucifer and his team lost and were banished from Heaven.

Lucifer was demoted and from that time Lucifer who was now called Satan decided to extend his evil by attempting to destroy everything that God has. He is focusing his attention on the little children but the Angels are the children guardians, Angels are given the charge by God to protect the children and God loves to hear children pray and when the children pray, the Angels in heaven rejoice and sing and dance.

I then asked my mother what is prayer and my mother told me that it is like talking to God. You see how you and I always going places and i will tell you things and yoiu will tell mt things. Well you and me are human and in every human there is a spirit, this Spirit comes from God and when we pray it is our spirit within us attempting to communicate with God. Remember that God is a Spirit, the Father of all Spirits. This was very interesting. I felt as though my head had become bigger that the world so I ask her to teach me how to pray. She smiles and said, OK, tonight I will teach you how to pray.

I could not wait for that moment to come. When it finally came, my mother said, God is the Creator of all things seen and unseen. God loves man somuch that he decided to shear the Creation with all Men. When my mother said that to me that God wants to shear the creation with all men I became very curious and my curiosity motivated me to enquire into these matters every day from that time on.

My way of thinking changed from the everyday affairs of this and at time I found that all I will think of daily was God wanted to shear the Creation with men. Now, my mother was finished introducing me to The Almighty God, Jehovah El Shaddai. I felt as if I became taller and stronger and very brave from that time I will approach what bwe will called dignitaries and ask them some serious questions about life. My interest in everything changed in my life.

I so wanted to have a relationship with God that I think of His every day and now that I knew how to pray, prayed becane my daily practice and life energy. My reassurance of God now became the motivator for everything I did and I realised that everything I prayed for I received very soon after I prayed and asked for it in prayer.

I then began to receive information in dreams and the things told to me in my dreans while I am asleep actually came to pass in my life. I even began to experience miracles in my life. This I will try to make known to all in this exercise, however an invitation to visit your congregation will be greatly appreciated.

If anyone can say with conviction that it is very possible to experience the reality of man, then I can. The Spirit took me out of my body one night as I lay asleep onmy bed and as we both leave this world, I looked back and saw my boby lying on my bed. As I gaized upon my body on the bed, the Spirit realised that I was missing from his company, returned and said to me, let us go. So off we both went and visited everywhere. crossing mountains, vallies, seas and lakes.

On another occasion in another dream I found myself alone on the way to Heaven when suddenly there appeared an old man from the bushes who said to me, why are you alone on this lonesom road. My responce was, there in no one that has any interest in the way I go so I must go on alone. He enquired as to where I was going and as I informed him that I am on my way to the Lord. This old man said well, you will never have to be alone again, I am also on my way to Heaven. Let us go. So away we both went.

On our way this old man who has now become my travel companion and friend pointed out the places of interest that once entertained pilgrims along the way a long time ago. Then he pionted out from time to time along the way many palaces and massive mansions and said, you see that one over there; as he directer my attention to one of the corners of the universe. He said, that is where the Angels of heaven live. The Mansion of the kingdom of the Clouds are even bigger.

Then he pointed to another Mansion at another corned of the Universe and said; There is where you will find God most of the times, and that one over there ( he directed my attention to another corner of the universe) he told me that here is where you will find Our Lord Jesus anytime. Now, he said. You may enter into anyone of these mansion of your choice for you have now become a citizen.

As I looked arround and really enjoying the beauty of the environment, there were birds chirking chorusing in music of their particular species languages and really beautifying the meadows and pastures with their very colourful arrangtements  of their decorated feathers. there were animals of every kind and sizes. It will not be an easy thing for me or any one to imagine the beauty of the environment. I can only say that the soft music, peace, quietness and health of that place surpass any thing one can imagine.

There were revellers in vehicles going to and fro in both directions over the other side in the distance on their way in the other side of the where we both had come from.  As I wondered about the awesomness of the city. I wondered why he did not mention anything about the other corner of the universe. We were alwaysz told that there are four corners of the universe but My Travelling companion had only shown three to me.

Looking arround and wondering about the reason, my attention now became very curious and as I looked at the last unmentioned quarter I saw a huge stone and a few folks attempting to roll it away. I taught within myself that the stone is really spoiling the beauty of the environment, it is really a hedious sight to look at and it really needed to be removed. I said to the my travelling companion, hey, look overthere, those men really needed our help, let us help then.

My travel companion and friend refused and said no! leave them alone. Let us go. They are interested in their own business, now you take care of your own busines. I said to my friend, how can you say that you are going to the Lord and these men need help, why would you not want to help them. He said, I am telling you this for the last time, they are looking after their business, now you must look after your own business. Let us go.

The old man turned and continued on the way to the Lord but I went to help the men. As soon as I touch the stone, it was as if it was waiting for my touch. The stone began to slide away and went on a conveyor belt that led down the way through a gorge and away it went down the slide. The man jumped onto the belt one by one and it appeared as a good ride so on I went also for the ride but when I feel as though I had enough and attempted to get off it was not possible for it was well greased so down to the bottom I went.

When the belt stopped I got off and looked arround and realised that I was all alone again. Then I realieed that the huge ston and the men all went to a different place and I was alone again. I decided then, Ok I said to myself. I know the way so I will begin again soon but first, I must get back to where I was when I first began. At that stage of my consciousness, I awoke from my sleep.

Yet in another dream, I again was on my way to the Lord but I must deliver a particular message to a people while on the same way. Every thing went well according to the briefing I had received when suddenly I heard the voice of one of my sisters crying and saying, will someone help me please.

I got off the road and took a path that leads in the direction of the sound of the voice. As I get closer to teh sound of the voice it appeared st though the voice was that of my daughter and it was getting louder. it seemed to me that I am getting closer and as I entered the yard of the building where the voice was coming from the voice changed again to that of her mother.

At that I said, No, not her and as I entered the buliding I realised it was a Court house and the only case to be tried was that of someone that belonged to me. ( Here I will use alias names for safety ) though there was absolutely no relationship to none of the three voices. As I approached the bench and enquiree of the charge, the Judge jumped up, yelled at me and said, I cant deal with you, please leave my courts.

I looked arround to view the ordiance and saw a man sitting on the floor of the  steps that leeds to the judgeès chamber. I recognised the man as a very close relative of the accused. I said to him. Hey man, what are you doing there. He said nothing.

I asked, Why are you allowing there people to be doing there thinge to your own people. He said what are ther doing, I dont know anyrthing I just sitting here pounging these stones. At thea I asked the sccused, Whst has yo hone, why arte you here, She did not answer but beconed with her handedowh to her sides in a manner to suggest that she really do not what it gioing on.

I looked at the judge again and said,  What is the charges but the Judge said, I am not in your league, I will never attain to your league. She has what I want and I most have it. leave her alone. This is my court and I will fix her. Leave her alone.

I then turn to this woman that I once knew ans said, I am on my way to the Lord, then I stretched my hand out to her and said come with me, walk away from these horrible people right now and let us go together but she just l0oked at me with pity in her eyes and didnot sat a thing so I walked away and leave her at the mercy of her wicked highpriestest who determins the situations of her life.


About ourenemy

The road is long and very lonely with many winding turns. However, I am not afraid for I am never alone. The Spirit of the Lord (1 John 3; 9) is always with me from since I became a redeemed Re-Born child of God. For all of my life, from a child, for as long as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by loving parents and very loving people. As a result, my life shall only be useful in this world when I purpse to transfer my resurcefulness to whom I will come in contact with. when I tried to transter this Love that I have found to others and help them find the success of a real Life. This is my real purpose of living. In return I am hated through jealusy and on many occasions, attempts are being made by very simple and jealous people whoes minds are not properly trained but try to ruin this wonderful gift that I have from my birth. But I am very strong, no burden is too heavy for me to bare for he is my brother and we must go on, I will not be stopped, We must reach our destination and be successful. Till then, we will drink of the living water and go on together.
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