Lucifer Cried Again

This Wicked Angel is so scared of me that He recruited men to attenpt to bestroy me by posing as friendly folks. He himself tried on many occasions and failed. His first effort was when I was about three years old, he made me very ill and I died but My God, The Almichty God of Creation is also Jehovah El Shaddai, The Lord of Hosts took care of that and returned my life to me. That day Lucifer cried.

Again Lucifer tried when I was at the age of fourteen. He caused me to fell from a truck and broke my neck. again My Father, The Almihty God too cake of that and restored my broken neck as if there was no damage. Again Lucifer lost and cried again.

It must be that Lucifer knows of some grat mission that I am supposed to accomplished and must need do everything in his power to prevent it. I found out of Lucifer and all His deceptions and also My purpose in this life and whenever he sees me applying myself in that environment, he trembles and gets very buisy with his schemes and deceptions. It was to my great surprise to know that every one that came to know of my resourcefulness turned against me and even tried to have me destroyed.

I have been given a time to have my mission completed in a dream. I know this is definite fr I know my Master’s voice and whenever I disobeyed, I suffer greatly. The truth is that every thing that is told to me in my dreams usually comes through in exactly the way in which it was told to me.

There are somany times that Lucifer arranged my meetings with very beutiful women only to find out later that thay are not humans at all. Once I met a very beautiful lady in grenada who gave me her address ans ask that I contacted her on my return to Tpronto. This i did. We subsequently made dates and had great ful together.

All this time Lucifer was rejiucing for everything was going according to his plans. However things are going to change and he does not know that, so one day I decided to prove who this most beautiful woman really is so I offered to do something very special for her. At my sugestion The woman said ” I hope that you are not just going to do this because you wanted to have sex with me tonight, I must telly that this will not happen to night for my sister and her child is at home and you must know now that any time you have sez with me you will not be able to leave”. I understand thst she is not a one night stand woman for she was extermely beautiful and well strustured physically, excsptionally well trimmed figer,  but I was so wrong.

The time came for me to take her home. Now I decided to admire her gait for she walked the waly of a top model. As I kept looking at her I noticed that her feet were not touching the ground but with strides and simply floating in the air. In great wonder and somewhat srarit at what I am now experiencing this woman floats towards the approach of the main entrance door I saw the door opened even before she arrived at the entrance. I looked to see who was coming out but there was no one.

This is crazy I heard myself saying within my mind. I starte my car and away I want and arrived at my home long before I normally would be there. I was afraid. Now at my home I wanted to phone her but somehow there was somuch doubts that the decission never came until a few days later, and here is where I am going to finf out truly, who this woman really is.


About ourenemy

The road is long and very lonely with many winding turns. However, I am not afraid for I am never alone. The Spirit of the Lord (1 John 3; 9) is always with me from since I became a redeemed Re-Born child of God. For all of my life, from a child, for as long as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by loving parents and very loving people. As a result, my life shall only be useful in this world when I purpse to transfer my resurcefulness to whom I will come in contact with. when I tried to transter this Love that I have found to others and help them find the success of a real Life. This is my real purpose of living. In return I am hated through jealusy and on many occasions, attempts are being made by very simple and jealous people whoes minds are not properly trained but try to ruin this wonderful gift that I have from my birth. But I am very strong, no burden is too heavy for me to bare for he is my brother and we must go on, I will not be stopped, We must reach our destination and be successful. Till then, we will drink of the living water and go on together.
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