Jehovah El Shaddai Covenant With Man

The God of creation (Elohim) has chosen man to be his representative here on earth and the entire universe. When man had established himself as a fruithful representation of the creation, and possesses the authority of responsibility, God came down to man, though is a sinful state and established a cocenant with man (Genesis 9; 9 – 16, Deuteronomy 29; 1 – 15. Joshua 1; 5. John 17).

The Almighty Godè Jehovah El Shaddai has also made it abundantly clear that man will always be responsible to Him God for all things done in the flesh (Micah 6;8. Matthew 12; 36, 37. Romans 14; 12).

As time went by, it was also revealed that man was and will always be a spirit. One day The Almighty God held a council meeting and expresses His disire that The Spirit Man should be made (Genesis 1; 26, Ch. 2; 7 – 23, incorporated) into a body of clay and it was aggreed so man was made into the human being that he is today.

The reigning of man began when God placed man in the beautiful Garden of Eden and made him King of all creation. God also gave man his constitution of life and the operation of his kingdom but man encountered a massive conflict within himself and cried out to God.

God listened and determined that it was not good for man to be alone for the conflice within himself had corrupted him to the point that there was left only one bone (Genesis 2; 18 – 23) that was not corruopted and so God took away that bone and made a companion for Adam.

As God introduced the companion to the man, man became so overwhelmingly fascinated with his companion that he seeing her thought it was actually himsenf being remade so man began to rejoice.

As his voice echoed throughout the entire universe, the sound of his rejoicing was heard to be saying ( Wow, Man. Wow, Man. Wow, Man.  Wow Man. Wow, Man. As he becames more emotional, he began to speak with more haste and fafter and so the sound began to be heard as woman, woman, woman and so the person of the companion of man came to be repeesented as woman.

The noise of the sound of the rejoicing of the universe caught the attenrion of Lucifer who was than known as Satan, so he drew near and saw the festivity of the introduction of the woman and Satan liked what he saw. Satan decided that he too must have a dance with the woman so he began to fascinate hinself with the serpant so as to learn the serpantès dance.

This went well for a time and ons day as Satan and the Serpant were corousing in the Garden, Eve heard the sound and drew near to see what was happening, there she saw the Serpant and Satan dancing. the dance fascinated her and decided to join in just for fun. That was all Lucifer needed and as they danced, Lucifer started the conversation about the beauty of the garden and how previllage she was to be living there. Eve liked the flattery and smiled as she enjoyed the dance (Genesis3; 1 – 5. )

One must remember that the serpant originally moved ot itès tai, It is such a glorious creature when dancing, even the orientals and the egyptions used the snakeès attributes a techniques for dancing and attacking their enemies.

All this time, Eve never know that Lucifer was no longer living in Heaven. Eve din not know that Lucufer was femoted ans had his name changed to satan so eve trusted him. At times eve will arrange to be with Satan in the cool of the day during which time Saten will take her on tours arround the galaxie and without Adam Knowing one daythe date was under the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil fo that was Satanès chpice of meeting place.

on that day, as they scouted and ramped and enjoyed themselves Satan toss out his corn, the game was that they pick them up and eat then. Satan throw most of the corn out under the tree of the Knowledgd of Good and Evil and as they scramble for the corn, suddenly ther was no mors corn and they were by that time under the tree. They sat and were resting inthe cool.

Satan said, oh how I wish that there were more corn. As he said that he looked up at the fruits on the tree and said, hay, look, there is fruits on the tree! Eve replied, oh NO. We cannot eat then. Satan replied, Why not Eve. Eve replied and told him that God had said that we are not supposed to eat of those fruits. Lucifer responeded like with gereat amaisment and said, Has God told you not to eat of the fruits of the tree. Eve replied, oh yes, God said that we are not to eat of the fruite ot the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The day we eat of that fruit we will die, infact, God said that we are not even somuch as to touch it. At that Lucifer got his chance.

Lucifer got up and went to the tree and picked one of the fruits and ate it and said, You see, you shall not surely die, look I ate one and I did not die. God Knows that the day you eat of the fruits of this tree, you shall be as wise as God. You will know the difference of Good and Evil. Now, Eve looked and realise that Lucifer did not die so she took of the fruit and ate it also.

Now being aware of the fact that they were still alive. She took more of it and ate and carry some for Adam and convinced him that it was ok for him to eat of it also (Genesis 3; 6), for Lucifer ate and I ate also and we are still not dead, so Adam trusted Eve and took of the fruit and ate of it.

Now, The bibles has not shown anything about the relationship of Eve and Satan. This is not an intention to deceive. One should meditate on God day and Night and the voice of the Lord will be heard. Mose preachers will preach that God only speaks to man today through the Bible.

Now, This companion of Adam is revealed to have been spending time with Lucifer now known as Satan. how long was the time period of the fascination of Eve and Satan. Where was Adam at the time of this fascinations. We know from the revelation of the writings that Eve brought the fruit to Adam which will suggest that Adam was not there at all as member of the party.

Also the question that Adam asked Eve, Who told you, will also suggest that Adam was not in the environment of the conversation. If Adam was not there, where was he then, and to ask Eve, Who told youÉ Adam must have asked, how much did you eat, how long were you there, was their anyone else at the party, did you dance, and what else did you do, did Lucifer kissed you.

This companion of Adam choose not to be where she was supposed to be but was with someone else like as it is today. Some wives will not even forgive their husbands even for the things he is cherged for that he did not do. Some wives nove out on their husband on the advise of these hypocrite pastors so that she can be available for their purpose.

That will be the day when many Honourable (Matthew 7; 21 – 23), Dignified and respected hypocrites find themselves bundled with the diseased with infectous demons and sorcerors without faces nor mouth, some without hands, with fingers full of sores all on the courasell to the fires of hell, that will be the day.

I am here to tell you that you can free yourself from the curse of the false preachers. Anyone who tells you that God will not or God cannot is a lier. Such preacher do not know the truth, it is a lie to say that God cannot or will not sertain things (Daniel 4; 30 – 35. Job 9; 1 – 23). God Himself has told us that He Will never change.

I am here and I am telling you that God speaks to man today in the same way as He spoke to Abraham, Jacob, Mary, the mother of Jesus, Joseph, the husband of Mary the mother of Jesus, Abilemech, king of Egypt who took Sarah from Abraham, Esau, the brother of Jacob.

It is very good to know of God but that knowledge will never quailfy anyone to determin what God cannot do. Elihu also thought ( Job Chapters 32 – 36) that way, listen how he was reprimanding Job. This is why we are encouraged not to be a judge of men for we really do not know enough.

The same way He spoke to Moses, Elisha, Simon the tanner, Simion the priest, and somany others who bear the testimony of the Lord speaking with them. It is also the voice of demons who will tell you that there are many things that God cannot and will not do. God himself has said ( Isaiah 46; 10, 11. Ch 48; 11 )that he is God and He will do whatever He pleases.

Just imagine, man who make then self preachers now has become so much wiser that God and with so much more knowledge and authority than God that they will command God not to do His will but do only what man authorised.

When one thinks and looks back at the record of the enlightening of man through the enticing words of the wisdom of may, we will find and conclude that man has not really changed even with the Supreme authenticity of the sacred signiture of Jesus, written with His Own Blood.

That has cancel and revoke the ordinances of the requirements for the sacrifice for sin,  and has provided the new environment in which the heart and blood of all men have been renewed and has the promissed of new desires of the hearts of man. Man still has allowed himself to be deceived and continues in his way though it causes him pain, sufferings, diseases and death and claimed to be wise and successful.

All the Lust of the eyes, Lust of the flesh and the Pride of life are environments promotied through the works of the professional religious salespersons who are really some of the false preachers with the Sin-Management-Philosopĥy as doctrines that never teache GRACE the way to heaven but deceives and robs legally, always have something to sell like Simon the Sorceror. Every Sunday one must return to the alter and pay for prayers for forgiveness of sins. what did Jesus do when He Died, Arose and Ascended. 

Lucifer was the first missionary who decided to explain exactly what God really means. Eve, like many ot the wives of today who walked out on their husbands to be with these demons that are claiming to know exactly what God means.

I will always remenber that Deceiving Pastor who told me on day that He is the closest thing to God that I will ever see. Well, My God Jehovah heard him and that self same time, My God told me to tell that Pastor that He will speak to him with fire and guess what. The word of the Lord did speak to  him with Real Fire in the same place just as I told him. Do you know that the same pastor had the audicity to say that the FIRE was a coincident, oh yes he did.

I Know My God, I bear the testimony of His acts and doing in my life. I am a living miracle and I am willing, available and read to tell of them all if any request and appropriate arrangements are made. I live in Toronto, CANADA.

I do have the testimony of over fifty years of actual physical experience of supernatural encounters with persons that are not alive and some who were sent to me with message, the answere to prayers that no one ever knew of, also miraclous answers to prayers that I made  and of conversations with Angels. This is real life experiences.

There will be great blessings to any congregation that will hear my testimony for it is my real encounters and life experiences of my relationship with My Heanenly Father, the Almighty God, Jehovah El Shaddai.

For all appointment contacts my Email; you will then get to know the meaning of my Email address.


About ourenemy

The road is long and very lonely with many winding turns. However, I am not afraid for I am never alone. The Spirit of the Lord (1 John 3; 9) is always with me from since I became a redeemed Re-Born child of God. For all of my life, from a child, for as long as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by loving parents and very loving people. As a result, my life shall only be useful in this world when I purpse to transfer my resurcefulness to whom I will come in contact with. when I tried to transter this Love that I have found to others and help them find the success of a real Life. This is my real purpose of living. In return I am hated through jealusy and on many occasions, attempts are being made by very simple and jealous people whoes minds are not properly trained but try to ruin this wonderful gift that I have from my birth. But I am very strong, no burden is too heavy for me to bare for he is my brother and we must go on, I will not be stopped, We must reach our destination and be successful. Till then, we will drink of the living water and go on together.
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