The King of The Heart

Who Reigns upon The Throne Of The Kingdom Within.

We are encouraged to guard the Heart with all delligence ( Proverbs 4; 23 ) for out of it are the issues of life. We are controlled by our desires who is the master of good works or our slave master of wickedness (Acts 5; 29. Romans 6; 16. Colosians 3; 22.)

Who gives us these desires. where are they originated and coming from. When we really understand what this really means, we will never neglect an opportunity to prevent useless and unwanted influences from taking up residential controle (Philippians 2; 5 – 15)  in it.

Now to understand this, one must have an genuine desire to know the truth of the origin of man. This is a subject of so great an importance that much attention must be devoted to the source from which our informations come.

It is extermely important that all men know that within every one of us there is a centre of control. That center of control is responsible and manages every action of the human, whether conscious or unconscious. the things we do, whether conscionsly on unconsciously. It is definitely not a wise thing for anyone to do when the authority or permission is given to someons else other than the Holy Spirit of God ( to make any decision that will affect our entire lives.

In our quest for knowledge. Every effort should be assighen to the Holy Spirit to leed in the direction associated with the ordained purpose for our life, this will guarantee the credibility of the sourcs of our information will be beyond reproach. My source of information is the Holy Spirit of God and the eternal word of God written with His Own Hands upon my heart with BLOOD ( Jeremiah 31; 31 – 36. Hebrews 10; 14 –  23 ), before it was given to A man that has been tried by His Fire, His Water and His Blood.

This man was so trained by God that he understood the Mind Of God so much that when there came a time that man disgusted God beyoud that which God allowed, God decided to destroy man but this chosen man of God took it upon himself to approach God and interseed on the behalf of man and succeeded in preventing the wrath of God from falling on the entire race.

The knowledge that I saught and found is available to every man and aught to be persued by all. It will begin with the Origin of man and the purpose for the existence. All persons should be interested to know their heritage. Any one who find this out will realise that Slavery has been abolished (John 8; 36) and that there is really no more need for Blood, Sweat and Tears as necessary for one to accomplish the success ( Mark 10; 29, 30. John 14; 10 – 14) that they seek.

Jesus did that for ( All Men in the Garden Of Getsamany   ) They will also become aware of truth, the true destination for Life Is Eternal, When all men leaves this side of consciousness, they will be returning to the exact place they before they entere  into  the whomb of their mother.

Think of the time when you are having a dream. That will be the place where  ( Matthew 7; 22) you will be until the day ( Matthew of judgement. All men will know of the ultimate destination of man, all man will then become interested in the importance of guarding the heart with all diligence for out of it comes all the issues of life.

There are many men of Old that understood the reality of God. Job is one of them. The Enemy of man known as the Devil becane so jealous of job that his hatred motivated him to ask a request of God in prayers to destroy Job. The Almighty God knew of Job confidence in him that God took Job request as a challenge and conferred with Job for the dual between Satan and Job.

Guess what, Job won and God laughed at Satan. Lucifer cried again. One will find the whole story of the contest between Satan and Job amoung the writing in the Sacred Scriptures in the Book Of Job, you will find it after Esther.

Even today, our Spouses, family, friends and associates will accuse, deceive and scorn us when we find ourself in great difficulties and unfortunate circumstances and cannot give any proper explaination as to how we find ourself there, and when we look to them for help, we are greated with their system of disappointment. Some walked out on the advise of their pastors.

When we eventually found the source of our being and the purpose for our lives, we will also found out that we are never alone and what is expected of us. Job knew that and decided to be faithful in all things. Read the complete record of the story it is the Bible just before Psalms.

When the contest ( The War )  between Satan and Job began, Job knew that he must rely on God and he must worship and wait on God. ( Job 28; 28) He resisted and expose evil in all itès forms, even when it comes through his wife. Evil is whatever attempts to prevent us from having peace of mind and accomplishing our ultimate objective, the purpose for which we were born. Everyone has been given life for a purpose.

Most of us never knew where we came from or that we were born for a purpose. Most of us do not believe that our life has a meaning and so the various influences arround us claim the position of determining our future for us. Most of us willingly surrendes our wills to whatever influences us. When this happens, we are compelled to be subjected as slaves to the dictates of our societies. We are told that we are supposed to obey without questioning.

This provides the opportunity for the throne (Matthew  13; 18, 19) within to become abandoned ( Matthew 8; 28 – 34) and therefore inviter the Ego to take up residence upon the Throne of the Kingdom within and uses the (Genesis 3; 1 – 7) power of the Word Of God (Luke 8; 5 – 15) against that person.

The Enemy is Lucifer whose name was changed to Satan for disobeying God. He lived in Heaven, He rebelled against God through Jealousy. He wanted to be worshipped like God so he took the Kingdom of Evil and launched a war in Heaven but he lost and was demoted. He is still the Enemy of God and man.

Lucifer known as Satan knows the Word of God. He also knows the power of the Word of God. He has many angels that was also thrown out of Heaven with him roaming the world as Satan representitive. When the Heart is not guarded with all delligence, one or more of the enemy enters by your carelessness and takes up position of the Throne of Kingdom within, he gives you the ( Psalms 37; 3 – 7) desires of your heart.

Saten has his own school of teachings where he trains his false ministers to be preachers of the Gospel ( Jeremiah 12; 6. Matthew 24; 12. Mark 7; 7. Colossians 2; 22.) of Jesus. Jesus knwo that so He warned us. When any preachers say to you to pray to the God of your Heart, You must think of that. W ho is the God he speaks of and Who is the God of your heart.

When the heart is Guarded with all delligence, the Spirit of God Reigns upon the throne of the ( Mark 4; 11 ) kingdom within, there will be less opportunity (Psalms 1; 1 – 3) for evil to enter. Even when the false preachers approach and invite you to attend their synagauge of satan, you will know the difference. The Spirit of God resides upon the Throne of The kingdom within ( Luke 17; 21) .

The heart of man without Jesus is deceitful and desperately wicked for the Kingdom within is under the control of the Ego and out of it will come whatever the command of the King will be (Matthew 12; 35. Ch. 15;18, 19). This question is for everyone. Who is the king of your Heart. Who sits upon the Throne Of The Kingdom within. Whoever sits upon the throne will be He who Reigns and rules from the Kingdom within.

Now we will know the (1 John 3; 7 – 10) for sure, for Our God has made it abundantly clear so we will not be deceived by phoney preachers. The heart of the sons of God are so enlightened that they will know when they see that there are no light, whenever there is a light (1John 4; 1 – 4) without the brightness and without any heat they will know that the Spirit of God is not there.

The Spirit of God knows the ineffectiveness of Fire without Heat and Light. Light without Brightness and Glory and Fire without Power to consume anything (Deuteronomy 4; 24. Hebrew 12; 24.  ), for the Almighty God, our God is a consuming Fire.

Our Lord Jesus is the Light that Lighteth every one that comes into the world. His Light shines (Genesis 1; 2 – 4. John 1; 1 – 5) and expells all darkness. His Light is the Life of every man that comes into the world. The Holy Spirit is (Matthew 28; 18. Luke 10; 19. Mark 2; 10. Ch. 6;  7. John 17; 2. Acts 1; 8) the Power of God.  Without Fire, Light, Glory and  Power, there will be no Victory.

The Children of God will always be victorious and successful in whatever they do. No demon or false preachers will be able to deceive them for the Spirit of the Lord is with them and He directs and controls their evey actions (Exodus 23; 20 – 25, John ch 14 – Ch. 17 ).

Guard your Hearts, let no one deceive you. The Lord requires that you be faithful. be honourable, be loving and kind, be humble and be forgiving for this is what is expected of all children of the Lord. He said He will honor all who honors Him.

Be Informed.



About ourenemy

The road is long and very lonely with many winding turns. However, I am not afraid for I am never alone. The Spirit of the Lord (1 John 3; 9) is always with me from since I became a redeemed Re-Born child of God. For all of my life, from a child, for as long as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by loving parents and very loving people. As a result, my life shall only be useful in this world when I purpse to transfer my resurcefulness to whom I will come in contact with. when I tried to transter this Love that I have found to others and help them find the success of a real Life. This is my real purpose of living. In return I am hated through jealusy and on many occasions, attempts are being made by very simple and jealous people whoes minds are not properly trained but try to ruin this wonderful gift that I have from my birth. But I am very strong, no burden is too heavy for me to bare for he is my brother and we must go on, I will not be stopped, We must reach our destination and be successful. Till then, we will drink of the living water and go on together.
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