The Spirit Of The Dragon

The Dragon is a very dangerous creature. The scripture referres to it as such and must be consider as such. To think of the capability of the spirit of dragons, one must look very carefully at what was said of it by The Almighty God, our Heavenly Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ (Rev. 12; 3 – 17. Rev. 13; 2.).

The very smallest of these creatures is found among the Camalia Dragons. This tiny specie has a tongue that reveals a true definition of that which is defined in ( Proverbs 14; 10. ) it is so dangerous that it paralises any creatures itès prey even as large as half of its body weight and takes them for it meal.

Some of the wives of today have tongues like that. They love gossiping even about their husbands. Some wives of today have refused to forgive their husbands for things that he is accused of that he did not even do. What is very sad about that is, they are encouraged by pastors  (Jeremiah 3; 20. 11 Timothy 3; 1 – 7 ) to leave their husbands so that they will be more available to them just like the wicked woman in the wilderness.

The tongue is controlled by the spirit within, the tongue, when inflamed by the spirit within is a little unruly member, yes, it is very unruly and is really a dangerous weaver of a web of tangles ( James 3; 5 – 8. ) that is not very easly escaped. It is controled by the Spirit Of The Dragon and carries the poison of asps that paralises its victims. Watch that tongue tongue of yours. It is such a hypocrite.

It blesses and curses at the same time. It worships God and lies on Him all at the same time ( Matthew 24; 4 – 14 ). Some preachers even limit God with it. Please tame yours and keeps it under your control. You tell it to wait on The Lord. The Lord will tell it ( Luke 12; 11, 12 ) what it is to say, do not let it talks on your behalf. It is a deceiver, it will even deceive you.


About ourenemy

The road is long and very lonely with many winding turns. However, I am not afraid for I am never alone. The Spirit of the Lord (1 John 3; 9) is always with me from since I became a redeemed Re-Born child of God. For all of my life, from a child, for as long as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by loving parents and very loving people. As a result, my life shall only be useful in this world when I purpse to transfer my resurcefulness to whom I will come in contact with. when I tried to transter this Love that I have found to others and help them find the success of a real Life. This is my real purpose of living. In return I am hated through jealusy and on many occasions, attempts are being made by very simple and jealous people whoes minds are not properly trained but try to ruin this wonderful gift that I have from my birth. But I am very strong, no burden is too heavy for me to bare for he is my brother and we must go on, I will not be stopped, We must reach our destination and be successful. Till then, we will drink of the living water and go on together.
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