A Date With Destiny

Jehovah Named The Day Of Destiny and Told Me.

All men everywhere has been given the date of their accountability. their murder by abortion and their replacing the commandment of love with their Sin-Management Philosophy of War.

It is the Year 2012 AD. I do have the date stamped on my left leg. This was given to me by Jehovah Himself during High Day Light hours to be established throughout the entire nations on men on The earth. Every country, every nationality, every religious affiliation and people. As you continue to reed onfurther in this material, you will find the total experience of that occasion where I danced with Him. https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=7e73fb86d2&view=att&th=12f7d98bcbf52b54&attid=0.1&disp=emb&zw

The year 2012 will determin the future of the existence of the family of men. Life is a Gift of Love with great benefits to all. The trials of time are the tests of life to determin who will seak the source of successful living. For one I know that the police of this Country will definitely have something to answer for. Especially the supervisor from Guelph whu plotted to have me killed in my own home.

I had very good reason to report many very serious threats made to me on my life and what do you know, the Supervisor of Police attended to visit my home and conspired and set trap in my home to have my shop and killed on that day in my own home.

Who would have thought that the police in this country, Canada, will do a thing like that. Plot to shoot an innocent man to cover up serious crimes committed by their associates friends. Well it happened for real and that was not the only occasion. The Police has no dignity, the knowledge ofintegrity if far from their consciousness.

The police functioned like renegades of the old wild west with guns on hips and shooting like mad men. Parents find that they need help and called the police for assisance. The police arrived and shot the woman’s son. The police attending to a conflict with women and fererred to them as SLUTS,  They are so disrespectful and embarassing to the citizens of the society.

The police beat and broke a citizen kibs then arrest him and charged him with drunkenness in a public place. The Doctor proved that there is no alcohol in the accused system. They are so dishonest they cannot ber trusted, they are like men who are suffering from intellectual cognative dissodence.

They must be bared from watching TV for it’s program seemes to be confusing them as to what is reality and what is fictitous. How can their testimony in courts be accepted as reputable.

Every one that is born was born for a purpose “even the police”  to continue God’s Creation  “Genesis. St. John’s Gospel. All who has found their purpose in life and are faithful to that cause will be found by success. Success seeks out the faithful “Proverb *;34, 35 ” at the address where your success will come to you. That is the place of your purpose, “Your profession or vocation in life” there is where success will find you however humble.

That Address is stamped with the Blood of Jesus on the package containing all the favours and benefit for your pleasure of your life.

The address that is stamped with the Blood of Jesus on your success package cannot be changed. The place of purpose that you should occupying in this life will never be changed.

Man’s law has no life and though it is wery wicked, it will never die.

Man’s law has no nerves, wet it is very buisy, it will feel no pain.

Man’s law has no emotions, though it functions in many environments,  it will never cry.

Man’s law kills the innocent again and again for it knows no shame.

With less than 300 days to go. This Country will that knows the snow will produce somuch heat that even the snow will be on fire.

Remember, I Am Lionel, I will bear the witness that I have Told You So.


One Response to A Date With Destiny

  1. ourenemy says:

    Please give to this mission. The a/c is
    Rev. Lionel A. Frederick.
    a/c # 21202-004-6455607
    TD Canads Trust.
    Thank you. My mandate is with penalty. It must be completed. Ezekiel 2. 3. 13. 34. The Book of Ezekiel.

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