The Preacher

A message to the world. It is my belief that the year 2012 is a season of time worthy of everyone’s attention. It isn’t fully known by me what will be the result. What I do know is this, early in 1987, one Saturday night, I had a dream and in that dream, I receiced an insigna on my left leg. It was a number twenty-five (25) in red figures. A picture of this can be seen on and at

I received a message from a Voice that I am every accustomed with. I was also given a book opened and as I took the book and looked at it, I realized that the book was the Holy Bible. It was opened at the Book of The Prophet Ezekiel and I saw Chapters 2 and 3 and as I continued to look at these two chapters, The Voice began to speak to me and as I listened to the Voice, I realized that the words spoken to me were highlighted and began to elevate themselves from their pages.

These were the words spoken to me (Son of man, stand up and I will speak with you (Chapter 2; 1- 8, as He spoke, the pages turned and I saw also Chapter 13; 2 – 8, Ch. 33; 7 – 9. Ch. 34. Ch. 36 and Ch. 37.. What frightened me most was Chapter 3; 9 – 19 where the words spoken to me were all illuminating and elevating from their pages and als my penalty and my rewards associated to the mission. Twice these penalties and rewards for my faithfulness were repeated to my twice. I must do my duty faithfully or face the consequences.

My curiosity maximized when I added 1987, the year in which I was appointed to the 25 years that was given to me for that purpose and found the result to be 2012. It is my belief that the year 2012 represents the year 2012. The message is for the Lord’s shephards for they have all gone away from the doctrine of Salvation by Grace, the Charter of the Lord, to the Sin-Management Philosophy, the doctrine of men and Demons. Behold, I have told you., I am Lionel A. Frederick.

The kingdom of Evil has corrupted the whole world again like that just before the Flood of Noah. But not me. I represent The Kingdom Of Righteousness. I have the power. I have the will. I must complete by destiny. No man can outdo me. No man can conquer me. I will not give the power or authority to anyman to make decissions for me that will affect my life. God alone can outdo me. God alone can conquer me.

Love is not known any more. Forgiveness is not practice as a duty. The innocent is imprisoned. The sick is not healed and wars replacing peace. There is corruption even among Law Enforcement. if one visit and look at Lionel Speaks or Lecilop, “if they can be found for they are doing everything possible to keep this information away from the general public”, they will reveal by photo how the Police in Guelph and Lynne Knox, the Chief Service Officer of Wellington Guelph Social Housing were used to destroy me, an innocent Canadian Senior Citizen home at #232-104 Delhi Street in Guelph.

They both then lied to Personal Insurance, my Household Contents Insurance, that I had abandoned the apartment. I slept at the apartment the night previously and my rent was paid. Please send me your financial gifts to this Email address account at PayPal. You will receive a Blessing. My Email address at

when any one Review my adventure in Canada with the Police from Guelph, Ontario, CANADA, one may understand why the Police choose to maliciously vandalize my home without a just cause. They were attempting eagerly to confiscate my other personal property (Some Legal Document in another matter) and defraud me of my Claim for damages done to my apartment #104 at 232 Delhi Street in Guelph. Everything was destroyed. My clothing was drenched with chemical Bacteria and packed very neatly on my bed and covered with plastic. The value of my property was exceeding well over ($500.000.00) my entire life’s savings.

You see, the police watch too much TV Drama, they are not qualify to deal with current social issues. Take a look at their unprofessional conduct, it’s unheard of.

No one should fail to trust in Jesus. He never fails like the Personal Insurance. It is very clear that, even though the Personal Insurance Policy was paid and very current, it failed though to honor my claim that was legitimate.

Wellington Guelph Social Housing Lease agreement failed to honor it’s lease agreement. I have  also lost the previllage and comfort of my home for three months which I was legally entitled.

Every Religion instills fear In the heart and mind of their followers. They also preach a demonic Doctrine of a sin-management philosophy that is contrary to the gospel of Jesus which proves that they are not the messengers of Jesus Christ but are of the synagogue of Satan.

Lynne Knox Failed to honor the trust placed by her duties but very proudly and without shame proved her gross dishonesty and without an integrity to the world. She very proudly gloried in that (Guelph Police Chris Panico Incident Report #07-33340) was ignored by The Personal Insurance co.

How could Lynne Knox and The Supervisor of Police gloried by lying without any shame to the representative of my Household Contents Insurance, the Personal Insurance. My  Policy #H2193683 which was very current and paid.

The Supervisor of Police and Lynne Knox did influencially encouraged them not to honor my claim #P1939432. This wad great wickedness. Yes, my claim was not accepted by the Personal. I never imagined the police to be so wicked and be so very evil. The following clips will show some of the damages that was done by the Supervisor of Police and Lynne Knox.

Evil is everywhere. The Gospel of Jesus, this I declear can be trusted. It has never failed my. The blood of Jesus is enough. It is better than any medical prescription. It has no side effects. It is the only addiction that makes everyone Healthy. Well. Happy. No regrets but Successful. Try Psalm 1; 1 – 4 today, St. John 14; 9 – 14.

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When this page is opened, you will find all that is really needed to be successful. Here is the “Eleven missing laws of success revealed to all who soever will.

The Power of The Law of Attraction

We are constantly questioning the truth, nevertheless there are very seldom any questioning of the acts of evil, unkindness and cruelty by those whose responsibility and duties are to prevent the same from occurring. Even our Education system cannot give us the reason why we continue with our defective system of numerical calculation and calender, I guess that there has not yet been anyone intelligent enough seeing all the great minds were killed in abortions.

Similarly, the knowledge of success is kept hidden from the general public to guarantee the existence of slavery and foreclosure of family homes instead of establishing of moratorium for family homes loans for the protection of the family but keep the financial institution as the modern Goliath. The 11 Forgotten Laws will provide the reminder one needs..

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I am so very co…

I am so very confident that it will sometimes appear as though Iam attem ting to exalt myself. Far from that. My assurance of renewed success in whatever I may attempt is the result of the reminder I received from in my Group “The Power Of Positive Thinking & The Law of Attraction”.

Now every effort will be made to Guarantee The Success of Every Group Member. There will be somuch information made available that there will be need to second guess. Everyone Creates A Personal Success Reality for as one thinks so is will become. We create “Attract”  whatever we think of constantly in our lives. See Your goal in your mind. Visualize your success as if you already have it.

Think Success and you will be successful. Be Creative “:John 14; 12 – 14. Proverbs 8; 19;- 30”. Be kind and forgive each other. No Matter What. Success Is In That. 

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I am so very confident that it will sometimes appears as though I am attempting to exalt myself. Far from that. My assurance of renewed success in whatever I may attempt is the result of the reminder I received in my Group “The Power Of Positive Thinking & The Law of Attraction”.

Now every effort will be made to Guarantee The Success of Every Group Member. There will be somuch information made available that there will be no need to second guess. Everyone Creates A Personal Success Reality, for as one thinks in the heart so is will become in reality. We create “Attract”  whatever we think of constantly in our lives. See Your goal in your mind. Visualize your success as if you have already possessed it in reality.

Think Success and you will be successful. Be Creative “John 14; 12 – 14. Proverbs 8; 19;- 30″. Our Greatest Authority ” The Holy Scriptures” has given us the assurance. Be kind and forgive each other. No Matter What. No forgiveness. No success. Success Is In That.

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Demons Are Amphibious

Angels are Spirits. Demons are Spirigts. Angels do the works of The Almighty  God, Jehovah El Shaddai. Demons are rebelious Spirits who do the works of the Enemy. The Enemy is he who opposes God.  The thoughts of man’s heart are either the voices of Angels or the voices of Demons.

The difference lies in the company one keeps. Wicked humans cannot kill or catch demons. This is the wicked deception that deceives and misleed most so-called christians or religious fanatic. All who listens to the voices of Angels obey and forgives. They are very kind and are at peace no matter what. All who listens to the voices of demons are very cruel, they do not forgive, they are mostly bitter, frostrated, all their actions are characterized by prejudices and selfishness.

Why do most persons pride themselves in knowing that they are so ignotant of the reality of the existance of Spiritual Realm, Angels and Demons? How is it that most people “especially christians”are so deceived by these wicked Sorcerors, black magic and witchcraft preachers of these  abominations “Matthew 24; 11 – 14, 24, 25.” What people need to know is that no one can catch or kill a demon. It is an abminable deception. the way to control people”Acts 8; 9 – 24. Acts, 13; 6 – 12″. Simons the sorcerors.

There are many Simons the sorcerors in many of our churches today, the religions who are controlling the members of their churches congregations. You can very easily recognizer them, they encourage the wives to leave their husbands and enforce it through their communion services.

They insist that husbands and wives pay their own theits and offerings and other contrubutions. This confirms that they are ” 1 Samuel 17;4 – 10″  the modern religious financial Coliaths. Their potions are so eeffective that the members functoin as those wh are addicted “under spells. When a husband speaks of anything against these preachers, the wives became offended and oppos the husband and sometimes never speak to the husband as a result for days.”

Jesus said that He always behold the face of His Father “The Almighty Jehovah” Jesus also told us that the works that He did, you will also do, how is it that the wicked preachers emphasise that no one can see God, they are such deceivers. Demons cannot be killed by any human. Jesus did not even exercise His Power over demons by killing them.

 Jersus answer their preyers and grant them their petitions “Matthew 8; 28 – 32″ do you think the demons died? No, they are ampibious, there is where they live, remember, in the deep. That is why Haiti and Canada are so homely for them. Demons love the company of intellectual ” Matthew 13; 18, 19, 25″ ignorance of the Spiritual realm.

Go to You Tube and search for  001Lionel and feature 0626001159, there you have it, the insigna or stamp I received in a dream while I sleep, then schrole down and click on more, you will then understand that I am not seeking to draw attention to myself. I am simlpy obeying the word of the command that I received in a Vision. Be Warned. Behld I have told You.

Lionel A. Frederick;  iCSW

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The New Chapter

As Pentecost continues, the enemy continues to improves his strategies in equipping his ministers with new approaches and strategies to the preaching of his bogus gospel, the one Our Lord Jesus warned us of in Matthew 24; 1 – 14, It has happened again, yes, the corruption of man like that referred to in Genesis 6, 7, 8. The Ego “That wicked Territorial Demon who Reigns in the heart”of man, that territorial demon has again taken control of the Kingdom within and has subjected man to be  obedient to his wishes.

A Territorial Demon and A Wicked Supervisor of Police from Guelph.

That territorial Demon even controls the heart of some police in this Country. Look at what Lynne Knox of Wellington Guelph Social Housing and the wicked Supervisor of Police from Guelph did to my property in Guelph (Just enter Lionel Speaks or Lecilop in the search space at the top righthand corner of this website and you will see the value of ($526.296.00) the damages done and pictures of the truth). Wickedness in in the control unless The Lord Jesus has been made the Lord of Your life.

That territorial demon has modified his approach to the demolishing of the kingdom of man, and even the thoughs of man and the wicked one our Lord Jesus knew and warned us about the deceiving religious philosophies of the future, man has subjected himself to the triune dimension of the doctrin of deception, by the greed and glittepprings of the corrupted weorld.

Jesus Encouraged Us.

Our Lord Jesus said, love not the world nor the things of the world, for all that is of the world is the lust of the Eyes, the lust of the Flesh and the Pride of Life and whoever loves this world, the Love of the Father is not in him. The enemy knows the power of the word that is why he catches it away and then substituting it with the corrupted version of his word of power that replaces it with the glittering of the  “Psalms 37; 3 – 6” desires of this world that he gives to man so that he can again return man to slavery.

Now all men (none gender, women included) everywhere are so convinced by the deception of the Devil that they really believe that the only way he can survive the miseries of the demands of this life is to seek to accomplish his miserable desires for fading successful living is through slave labour, blood sweat and tears, so he surrounders to the slave labour and finds mny jobs, workong ceaselessl for his survival.

Jesus Paid It All.

Yes! Jesus paid it all, “Luke 22; 44”. Our Lord Jesus did that for us in the Garden of Gethesemeny. man lost his freedom and prevellege in the Garden of Eden but Jesus replaces it in the Garden of Gethsemeny whereHis sweat became Blood, Sweat and Tears. He has confirmed everything at the Cross of Calvary. Eve came to man form the side of man with Blood. The Church came to Jesus from the side Jesue with blood.

Man Continues To Be Doubtful.

Modern man labours as a slave through blood, sweat and tears, committing himself to more than one job to acquire the necessary funds to support the family. All that man neds is to accept the Gift of Jesus and be faithful. Man’s greed, his covetousness, his unthankfulness and his unkindness not will to forgive provid him with the power to hate even members of his family while he tolis tor food with deceitful influences, feed himself and his family from the revenue he earns as rewards for his faithful services to the death manufacturing machinery industry. Jesus told us that whatever we need all we have to do is ask in pryer with belief, conviction and therassurance and we will have. Too bed, most men do not believe this, even the preachers.

He dies beneath that yokes of social slavery for most men has to have the deceitful glitterings, the bribes of the demonic influences that subjected them to the dictates of the confused masters of social corruptions and confusions. This is accepted willingly and practice and taught is every academic institution internationally confusing the youth who are influenced with this falsehood that they turn to the crime phylosophy as their only alternative.  Some join the army, the sporting arina of the demons.

The wives and fatherless children must now fend for themselves as single parent family and so fulfills the plans of that territorial demon that sits upon the throne of the kingdom within, being obedient to his master. Not only his family suffers but all those that will have become victims of the war machinery that he died to assist in building. This can change if only The Gospel Of Jesus of Nazareth is preached and practice.

The Discontent Of Man.

Let us consider the successes of man through his research and intellectual accomplishment. The academic ambition influences further research and the results produces weapons of war in a variety of systems. An analysis in the results of war reveals a conclusion that has suggested that no one wins at war, for all suffers especially the children.

The Useless Purpose Of The Knowledge Of man.

Man can resolve all conflicts without the physical weapons of wars. I very strongly believe that man has acquired adequate intelectual material to empower him to reason out all differences peacefuly through Loving kindness, compassion, and with the desire to do good to all with dignity. The only reason why this is not done is the assurance that men has lost their humanity by denying the existence of God, the unbelief of the nations that jesus Christ of Nazareth is The Mighty God in the Humen flesh, their refusial to HonourHim threugh worshiping in truth for they say that Jesus is not exactly who He said that  He Is.

I Will Prove Man Wrong.


I am very willing and shall accept any invitation from any Church Gathering to to visit and tell the testimony of my relationship with Him,  my Heavenly Father, Jehovah, the Almighty God, the Son Jesus of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit, The Comforter. In my tetimony you will be convinced that The Almighty God of creation Eloheim, Jehovah El shaddai, the Lord of Hosts dose exist and communicates with His people even today. You will hear of the many times that He has communicated with me and I will give you names of people living here in Toronto that will substantiate many of my stories. For reservation info. Phone; 647 882 7817;  716 371 8903 or by Email I am always at the Scarborough Town Centre and daily at School at triOS College Toronto so you see, it is very easy to get hold of me. My email at the college is 

 The corruption of the nations also suggests that this is a classic example of intellectuals men gone mad or has been reduced to the state of advanced adult foolishness. Men without tolerance, men without Compassion, Men that will cause over 400.000 men to be slaughtered in the game of war, the devils social recreations arenas that appeared to intellectual men as their duties as a result of their psychotic ways of their primitive thinking process.

 Thoughts that come from the demon who uses the word of God to deceive men with their doctrines of demons and men, as Lucifer did “Genesis 3; 1 – 6” in the Garden of Eden with Eve. Also Jesus had warned His disciples of future events of demons preachers withthe message of the Gospel of Jesus. He said many will come in my name to deceive you “matthew 24;  4 – 14”.

All people suffers why, demons cannot be killed with bombs and guns and gases and dynamites. Men cannot kill demons. It is not possible for any man to cause demon to be arrested and imprisoned. The demons celebrate and dance at their victory parties when man declares war and kill each other in revenge instead of listening, forgiving and be kind to eachother “Ever learning useless knowledge “Titus 1; 1, 14”.

All that man can accomplished through wars and violence is preventing Mother Earth from producing Her yield in due seasons and guarantees the miseries of the children who are left without their parents. War produces misery and death. Choose Righteusnes, it produces “Isaiah 32; 17. Joshua 1; 8. Proverb 8; 34 – 36” produces success.

Mother Earth sufferings also come from the military waste pollution that disrupted the natural order of things (Leviticus 26) and cannot yield her produce and crops in their season which resulted in famine, starvation and disease as a result of the disposal of chemical waste upon the earth.

Atmospheric pollution in the air and water, illness increases, medicine in short supply, amputees increased, death increased and the wounded and the innocent victims are displaced or abandoned. One listens to the radio and TV programming and the news of hundreds of thousands of childrenevery where in the world dying from starvation and disease without their parents as a result of wars. The wisdom man receives from their  accademic accomplishment should motivates them to challengethe oil producing nations to do something better to reduce polution. succificient is not being done.

Men Refuses To Give All Glory To The Most High God.

It is fully time that the international Governments fall upon their knees and repent. Seeking the favors of the Lord and as ask for the infilling of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Wisdom to open their eyes to the truth of the reality of their miserable deeds of destruction.

When one really considers the caused of wars, one will definitely come to the conclusion that wars are the results of the Competent Authority response to the cries for love denied.Do you really wanted to know what kind of Governmentwe have Internationally? That is very easy. Think of this for a moment. The Government todayfollows the directives of the territorial demon in controle of the environment. Whenever theGovernment institutes programs and policies geared to reduce and prevent crimes, if they work and prove successful, that territorial demon will rais up opposition and influence the closure of that program and instead build more prison. now, who do you think is in controle of the society? There. You have the answer.

There are so much inequities authorized by law that one must really consider the foolishness of man. How can man choose slavery over success, how can man choose sickness and disease over sound health. how can man choose poverty over self-sufficiency. how can man choose conflicts over quietness and safety. how can man choose war and diseases over peace and good health. Only the demon possess man.

This is so, for the doctrines of religions are the doctrines of popaganda instead of the Gospel of Peace as authorized by Our Lord jesus (Matthew 4; 17 – 24 and Chapter 24; 4 – 25″. Our Lord God ” 2Corinthians 5; 19″ Jesus of Nazareth knew that there will be many other doctrines presented to deceive man and so He warned us in advance.

The Almighty God promised to be merciful to all who comes through the preaching of His messengers He will keep His promises “John 17; 6 – 21”.  No one should enslave his brother, this is correct. This should not be. Our Lord Jesus has nullified the law of slavery when he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane “Matthew 26; 36 – 44. Luke 22; 39 – 46”. Jesus completed the requirement of laboring for food through Blood, Sweat and Tears and set all man free everywhere of all nations and people “John 8; 28 – 36″, free from sin and slavery ” Romans 6; 1- 14″.

Sin and all its curses have been nullified. This had been declared and confirmed at the Cross of Calvary and sanctified at His resurrection and Jesus reassured us of this at His ascension (John 14; 10 – 14).

Before Jesus went back to Heaven He said (Mark  10; 29 – 31), all we really needed to (John 14; 12 – 21) do to accomplish our desires for success (Luke 10; 19) is to do as He has said. The Lord requires that we be faithfulness.

Unfaithful Ministers Of The Gospel Of Jesus.

Even the ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are found “Ezekiel 34; 1 – 27” to be unfaithful and shall receive their due rewards, and many married persons refuse to be faithful and to honor their married vows (Leviticus 27, 1 – 29) Adam never divorce his wife, he paid for her with blood from his side. Jesus also will never divorce His Bride, He paid for her with blood “John 19; 33, 34” from His side.

Devorce Is Demonic.

No pentecostal christian should ever thinks of divorcing. If a christian cannot forgive a spouse who most of the times is not even guilty as accused of by the other spouse, how will there be an expectation of forgiveness from the Lord “Matthew 6; 12 – 15. Mark 11; 26”.

It Is Better To Obey God.

God requires that We all be found faithful. If man will simply keep his vow and obey the Command of our Lord Jesus and Love one another, Forgive one another, be kind and do good to one another, honor the marriage vows, there will be no cause for wars or divorce or custerdy battle for the child, there really is no priniple of ownership.

Really. There will be successful family, because there is no ownership when it comes to the child, there will be no custerdy battle, fathers and mothers dignity will be restored, single-parent families will be reduced, sickness will be removed and the material resources of the earth will be equitable distributed. This is the purpose for the first man Adan Generation and now the Second man Adam (Jesus Generation) was created.

Our problem of failure in our family life originated from man lacking the knowledge which cancells the effects of confused thoughts of greed and covetousness that are entertained and that there is the belief that he can accomplish anything without God.

Man is so deceived that he places his trust in his academic accomplishments, and believing that will equip him to be successful, but I will assure you that there will be no successful living without Jesus.

The Lord Jersus stated this in (Proverbs 8. 35, John 14,12, Luke ) being honored and obeyed, the instruction for success is given to us by our Lord Jesus. The requirement is obedience and faithfulness.

Our lives must be lived as it was designed for the purpose for which it was established. Sad to say, many people never  knew the purpose of their lives, they live in this ignorance and doing whatever they believe is expected of them by others. In this way, there is no real clear definition of success, every one has their own interpretation of what is true. I will assure you that there is only one truth, Jesus of Nazareth, the only Son of the Living God, the Risen, Exalted and Glorified Lord. He who has the power to give to all what ever he desires.

All Men Has An Origin And APurpose.

Everyone that is born came into this world for a purpose and this is the reason why all has the responsibility to ourselves to find out where we came from, what is the purpose of our life, what is really expected of us and what is our destiny.

I Have Found My Purposer.

I am one of the persons that has found the answer to all of these questions and this project is my attempt to assist anyone in finding the answers to all of these questions. It will be found through the message of  http://www.TheStarofLionel.Net

There is a purpose for everything and there is a purpose for all things including a purpose for your life. The time will come when every man will receive this knowledge and becomes aware of the fact that satisfaction does not come by slavery but by believing and trusting in the name of Jesus and His Word.  You may contact me at the following; Phone 647 882 7817 and  716 371 8903 or email;

Behold, I  Have Told You.

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The Spirit Of The Dragon

The Dragon is a very dangerous creature. The scripture referres to it as such and must be consider as such. To think of the capability of the spirit of dragons, one must look very carefully at what was said of it by The Almighty God, our Heavenly Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ (Rev. 12; 3 – 17. Rev. 13; 2.).

The very smallest of these creatures is found among the Camalia Dragons. This tiny specie has a tongue that reveals a true definition of that which is defined in ( Proverbs 14; 10. ) it is so dangerous that it paralises any creatures itès prey even as large as half of its body weight and takes them for it meal.

Some of the wives of today have tongues like that. They love gossiping even about their husbands. Some wives of today have refused to forgive their husbands for things that he is accused of that he did not even do. What is very sad about that is, they are encouraged by pastors  (Jeremiah 3; 20. 11 Timothy 3; 1 – 7 ) to leave their husbands so that they will be more available to them just like the wicked woman in the wilderness.

The tongue is controlled by the spirit within, the tongue, when inflamed by the spirit within is a little unruly member, yes, it is very unruly and is really a dangerous weaver of a web of tangles ( James 3; 5 – 8. ) that is not very easly escaped. It is controled by the Spirit Of The Dragon and carries the poison of asps that paralises its victims. Watch that tongue tongue of yours. It is such a hypocrite.

It blesses and curses at the same time. It worships God and lies on Him all at the same time ( Matthew 24; 4 – 14 ). Some preachers even limit God with it. Please tame yours and keeps it under your control. You tell it to wait on The Lord. The Lord will tell it ( Luke 12; 11, 12 ) what it is to say, do not let it talks on your behalf. It is a deceiver, it will even deceive you.

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