The House Of Sutherland

By; Lionel A. Frederick; icsw.

Thanks for accepting my invitation to visit my home. It was a very long and lonesome road to get here but I know you will enjoy you visit. Everyone here is very happy. I am challenging you to prove it for yourself. We all follow a very strict code of moral conduct in everything we do for love is the answer, we have found it “Proverb 8; 32- 38″.

While you are here, please consider yourself as having the privilege to examine every environment at your convenience. You will be thrilled as to what you will become acquainted with here. Your strength will be reinforced here to empower you to manage all dangers successfully without pain and stress. you only really needed to have a good relationship with The Almighty God and you will never be alone. You are in very good company. The very best.

The House Of Sutherland represents My Family’s Heritage.  My family is an extension of the Eternal Kingdom of Righteousness. Our motto is love. Our constitution of life is Forgiveness and kindness. Our philosophy for success in every undertaking, for this family, and the success of every family is helping through corporation. Treating everyone with dignity and respect, and being kind to all through the Spirit of Understanding. I am Lionel A. Frederick, your Pastor, your advocate. My Email;

I wll accept all invitations to visit all churches to tell of my Fellowship Relationship with My Father, the Almighty God, Jehovah El Shadai, Jesus of Nazareth and The Holy Spirit. You will hear how my mother introduced God to me and how from that time on my entire life has been filled with miracles. You will hear of some while you are here. Jesus told us that the works that He did, we can do too. You can also see God here and now in this life. Jesus said so.

I will give the names of persons here in Canada who can verify most of my reports of things that they knew of through my testimony, of things they experience that did come to pass. You will hear of my experiences in churches that put fear in the simple minded pastor after the church caught fire. You can verify this. I will give you his name and that of the church so you can ask that pastor himself.

You will hear that I have received physical gifts from the hands of Angels and jobs opportunities for the very next day and so much more. You will also hear that I was informed of an accident that I will encounter the next day on my job. I was also told how I am to deal with the issue in order to avoid permanent paralysis. I followed the instructions I received and everything worked out just fine. This can be attested to also.

The House Of Sutherland received an interpretation that explains the importance and purpose of  forgiveness and every one that enters these premises will be introduced to this information, who,  after leaving here and returning to their place of abode, they will find that they have been transformed into the environment of complete successful living opportunities. Please donate to assist this Ministry  at my Email address at for my Email address;

So first of all, let me acquaint you by taking you to meet the residence and other visitors. From there you will be taken directly to the archive module where you will hear of The Kingdom of The Clouds Pageantry  and Worship Celebration and from there we shall dine in the Sanctuary of The Family. While we dine, you will hear of ” Satan ” Lucifer’s Drama on the day of the Crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus at Calvary.

Always remember, nothing good comes easy. If it is easy, then it is a bribe; a future down payment in advance for  future service of slave labor and always remember that he is your master to whom you make yourself servant to obey.

All good things come from above through Prayer and Proper Planning. Your Integrity, faithfulness, obedience, Love with forgiveness and tolerance and kindness with dignity and respect for all ” Deuteronomy 28″ is the Keys to successful living and the establishment of successful families.

I will visit your church and encourage your congregation with my testimony, it is my true life story. I have seen and spoken with Angels and receive Gifts from their hands. Lucifer challenge me three “3” times and lost. I have received immediate answers to prayers in desperation on many occasions. I Eagerly awaits your appointment to visit your congregation. I can be contacted always by email; also and by phone USA/Canada 647 692 0911,  The Caribbean 784 434 9116 anytime. Everyone needs to hear my testimony, it is my real experience that even the police is afraid of me..

I am a Canadian by choice and Caribbean by birth. I am residing in Toronto and sometimes travel to the Caribbean. You may contact me; Email; at 647 692 0911 or the Caribbean 784 434 9116. You will even marvel at the meaning of my email address ” Adam 2nd Jesus Reigns “.

They are real stories that you must hear of my life. You may send your financial gifts to me at my PayPal account to my Email address; at


Lionel A. Frederick.


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  1. ourenemy says:

    Every one who viewed this presentation are to be convinced and be inspired and be motivated to send a Blessing for the mission continuation and furtherance of his mandate. Here I’d the a/c. # 21202-004-6455607 at TDCanada Trust. Fir the name Rev. Lionel A. Frederick.

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